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Plant product containing an extract of Folia Betulae (Extr. Folia Betulae).

Each package contains:

  • 80capsules х 500mg.
  • has a gentle diuretic action
  • accelerates the release of liquids
  • assists kidney function and stimulates the excretory system
  • work to reduce weight and contribute to faster burning of fat




Важно: Наш служител ще се свърже с Вас, за уточняване на повече детайли.


AQUA PANIC is 100% plant product that contains standardized extract of birch tree leaves (Extr. Folia Betulae) 0,500 g into a single capsule. Its healthy qualities are endless and skilfully correspond to the following ingredients that are contained in the leaves – 0,05% essential oils, saponins, tannins to 10%, vitamin C and nicotinic acid. The flavonoid compounds are part of the large group of phytonutrients for example hiperozid, apigenin,kaempferol that conveniently fit in the list of healthy highlights.

What is the effect of AQUA PANIC?

AQUA PANIC has gentle, diuretic action. It support kidneys and excretory system’s functions, accelerates diuresis, fluid excretion, decreases oedema of cardiovascular, as well as of kidney origin. It prevents the unpleasant subcutaneous water retention, being the main reason behind the cellulite formation and development. It promotes circulation, increases capillaries’ permeability and helps in eliminating the waste metabolites. Thus we create inside the fatty tissue particular prerequisites for faster fat breakdown and evacuation from the stubborn fatty depots. Additionally, AQUA PANIC is a magnificent antioxidant. Its qualities are remarkable in this light too. It was proven the hiperozid has the most powerful cellular-protective properties against oxidative stress. It blows away the accumulated intracellular free radicals and improves antioxidant enzymatic activity. Additionally, its antibacterial action is held at high esteem, as well as its opportunities to alleviate pain, protect organism against the various types of inflammations, infections and intoxications.

  • Natural diuretic;
  • Promotes blood circulation;
  • Acceleration of fluids’ excretion;
  • Does not violate organism’s mineral balance;
  • Prevents cellulite formation
  • Eliminates the unpleasant, subcutaneous water retention
  • Promotes weight reduction and faster fat dissolution
  • Enhances the faster fluid evacuation in the case of PMS (premenstrual syndrome)


2 – 4 times 1 capsule a day, with more water


100 capsules packed in 10 blisters of 10 capsules each, placed inside cardboard box with a leaflet



Weight 0.105 kg

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