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Extracellular matrix of new generation. Impeccable product with innovative pharmaceutical design and proven performance.

Each package contains:

  • 40 unique ingredients
  • 30 packs in 30 days
  • creates the biological matrix factor, regulating cell growth and joint regeneration, regardless of the available destructiveness
  • stops the pain and totally restores cartilage in damaged joints
  • protects the cartilage from early degeneration, stimulating the enzymes responsible for their recovery




Важно: Наш служител ще се свърже с Вас, за уточняване на повече детайли.


What is EC MATRIX?

EC MATRIX is a product that is one of a kind and arranges inside itself the highest level of physiological activity and synthesis of biological structures. EC MATRIX ensures rapid recovery of all connective tissues, stops the inflammatory processes, cuts down the chronic pain, eliminates cramps and increases bone matrix proliferation. It is a magnificent combination that is suitable for people that actively exercise, for advanced and professional athletes.

We have been discussing for long the actual capacities that promoted the development, regeneration and structure of the worn-out joints and their satellite structures (tendons, ligaments, cartilages etc.). Science gives its indisputable answer to that question! No physiological processes could go on inside human organism without highly adaptive level of hormonal activity.

What does that mean?

Formation and development of collagen, elastin and chondroitin sulphate could be achieved only with the accumulation of the somatomedin polypeptide С(called IGF-1) inside liver and kidneys which actually cooperates for joint growth and construction, and their satellite structures. This synthesis could result only when the level of growth hormone (somatotropin) is at the physiological values that are the reference ones for the organism.

The natural accelerator (precursor) of the growth hormone is the amino acid ARGININE! Remember this!

The unique formula of40 active ingredientscontained in the EC MATRIX, creates the factor biological matrix which unlocks your potential for joint regeneration and construction.

What does EC MATRIX contain?

The great versatility of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, amino glycans , biologically active complexes and substances, lubricating complexes, supplemented by exclusive formations such as – choline, vanadium, inositol and boron, proves the in-depth and precise product elaboration. Its high quality is indisputable, as well as its unique ingredients, with clinically proven effect that is safe for the organism.

What you should know about EC MATRIX?Which are the key ingredients that essentially make it stand out among the other supplements of the same group?

The key ingredients that make EC MATRIX stand out are the amino acids ARGININEandPROLINE!

Constructing and structuring the joint surfaces is mainly due to arginine and proline.

How does that happen?

It is indisputable that in the case of heavy loads a process of total destruction of the connective tissue is initiated inside the joints. Arginine is the main precursor of the somatotropin hormone (STH) which in turn provides for the formation of the somatomedin polypeptide (the only one behind the promotion of the regeneration and recreation process of the worn out joint structures). Even with higher hormonal levels we could support the construction of new bone and tendon cells. Its action is exceptionally beneficial in the case of problematic conditions related to joints (such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis) and violated balance between the processes of structuring and destructuring (destruction) of the joint cartilages.

The cicatrical connective tissue that is being formed when wounds heal consists of collagen, rich in arginine. If it is insufficiently present inside the body, many functions of the organism are supressed. For example, insulin production, glucose tolerance and fat metabolism inside the liver.

The arginine supports and maintains positive nitrogen balance while significantly cutting down the nitrogen loss after surgery, while fully improving lymph cells’ functioning. It helps decelerate tumours and cancer growth while promoting the immune system functions. It increases the activity of thymus gland in which the Т-lymphocytes (Т-cells) are being produced –an important element of the immune protection. Arginine improves the liver functions while neutralizing the ammonium and improves the general organism detoxification. It is useful when treating male sterility, and when it is in insufficient quantity, sexual maturation is significantly slowed down. It could also be found in high concentrations inside the skin and connective tissues thus supporting damaged tissues’ healing and recovering. It takes part in regulating various enzymes and hormonal reactions.

The second main amino acid that participates in the construction of biological code is proline that in turn acts in absolute synergy with arginine. Proline not only increases somatomedin accumulation, but also supports cartilages’ healing, improves joint strength and strengthens tendons and cardiac muscle. Proline interaction with vitamin C inside the organism increases multifold the hyaluronic acid production that plays key role of “lubricant” inside the joints thus decreasing the friction between the joint surfaces. It supports recovery and maintenance of the normal structure and function of joint cartilage. Proline creates pain-killer and anti-inflammatory effect.

How does the EC MATRIX act?

– it supports the recovery processes inside the joints

– it protects cartilages against early degeneration, while stimulating the enzymes responsible for their recovery

– it creates the factor biologic matrix while regulating the cellular growth and regeneration of joints, irrespective of the present destructiveness

– it stops the pain and totally restores the cartilages inside the damaged joints

– it accelerates the collagen and elastin formation, being the most important elements of the cartilage tissue

– it forms polypeptides that enhance cartilages and damaged joints’ growth

– it supports the hyaluronic acid synthesis, while cutting down the friction between the cartilage surfaces

– it stops the inflammatory processes and acts as painkiller


1 package a day, with more water.

The product intake should continue for at least 3 months.


Box with 30 packages, for 30 days.

When using the EC MATRIX no side effects were established, drug compatibility is ensured, as well as with other dietary supplements.

The product could be used by diabetics since there is no direct intervention in the carbohydrate metabolism.

Thank you for choosing EC MATRIX!

You get the best you need!

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