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A multi-vitamin and mineral complex containing 70 key ingredients to help you torpedo your physical capabilities to another level.

Each package contains:

  • 30 packs in 30 days
  • a full spectrum of twelve vitamins
  • a full spectrum of ten minerals
  • Full amino acid spectrum with emphasis on branched chain amino acids
  • performance and immunostimulating complex composed of twelve powerful ingredients




Важно: Наш служител ще се свърже с Вас, за уточняване на повече детайли.


What is “MAGNUM”?

The ultimate premium formula of the powerful multivitamins and minerals “MAGNUM” was structured and created to satisfy even the most precise requirements of all professional athletes. Produced and composed with the assistance of cutting edge pharmaceutical methods, “MAGNUM” is the perfect product for those that think, construct and need the best.

What you should know about “MAGNUM”?

The research proves that in the sports in which we are after high indicators, such as – strength, power, stamina, the athletes need much higher dietary requirements than the ordinary athletes. The research shows that these fundamental needs significantly increase in the case of those training bodybuilding, who compete and strictly follow a dietary regime year round – which marks the absence of huge part of the nutritional physiological stock. For example, we could note the long dietary cycles of limited calories (repetitive monotonous feeding, such as rice, chicken or fish), in which the potential of dietary deficit drastically increases.

Nevertheless the more troublesome fact is the one that professional athletes that practice heavyweight lifting experience significant dietary shortages which shows that they would strike with even greater effort their individual nutritional balance, without using complex multivitamin-mineral formulas.

The competitive athletes know well that the use of these hard-core packs is the guaranteed step towards their physical prevention and support. The lack of vitamins, minerals and various high-quality nutrients impacts as a rule the intake of other dietary supplements that potentiate or supress their action.

The multivitamin and mineral complex “MAGNUM” is your insurance policy for preventing all that happening and for your organism not to get in the so-called “homeostasis misbalance”.

The high-quality formulas included in its compounds are an explosion of highly energetic, metabolic micro and macro nutrients with clinically researched and proven effect.


What does “MAGNUM” contain?

The multivitamin and mineral complex “Magnum” contains 30 packages for 30 days, and each of them includes high-quality pallet of the following:

– comprehensive spectrum of twelve vitamins that ensure maximum productivity of all processes that take place in the organism

– comprehensive mineral spectrum of ten minerals that maintain stamina and productivity of muscle cells

– comprehensive amino acid spectrum with highlight on the branched chain amino acids that accelerate intramuscular absorption and increase hypertrophy of muscle tissue

– performance and immune-stimulating complex that consists of twelve powerful ingredients that maintains your immune system at a higher physiological level

– antioxidant and detox complex that consists of six components which supress the excretion of free radicals after intensive training sessions

– complex that maintains the joints and consists of four high quality substances that protect against the destructive processes going on in the joints resulting from the heavy training loads

With the multivitamin and mineral complex “MAGNUM” you get everything you need.

What would you get more with “MAGNUM”?

Additionally, you get several exclusive extras and optimizers of effectiveness such as: Beta-alanine,Pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate, Carnitine, Lipotoropic ingredients, L-arginine, Alpha-lipoic acid, Echinacea, electrolytic modulators and substances that maintain the connective tissues.

What is the exact compounds of “MAGNUM”?

The multivitamin and mineral complex “MAGNUM” contains 30 packages, and each of them includes all the 67 key ingredients delivered in the exact quantity, at the right time with every intake.

How to use “MAGNUM”?

One package daily.

Additional information about “MAGNUM”

You should perceive “MAGNUM” as a huge steel shield which ranks first in your training programme, at the first battle line that protects your body.

If you are weightlifting, you should be training with “MAGNUM”.

Do not forget that “MAGNUM” is the universal fighter that accompanies your training programme and very few other supplements have survived and passed the test of time!

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